Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue, Albany NY  12208 | Phone: 518.489.3111 | Fax: 518.489.5865

Mater Christi School

35 Hurst Avenue
Albany, NY  12208
Phone: 518.489.3111
Fax: 518.489.5865

Technology Pilot Programs

At Mater Christi School, we seek to find technology options that will enhance our programs, and pilot them on a small basis as we determine if they will meet the needs of our students and teachers before broader implementation.

Wireless SMART Response PE system

As teachers plan student learning activities, it is important that they continually assess what their students know and have learned.  Mater Christi School is investigating how to leverage its existing SMART Board technology in every classroom with additional wireless technology that can aid each teacher and their students to more efficiently gauge concept and content understanding.

During the fall of 2012, the Mater Christi middle school science classes were outfitted with the SMART Response PE interactive response system to provide immediate feedback and data to both the teacher and students.  The software enables questions to be programmed in and students respond on individual wireless remotes.  The results are instantly tabulated and can appear on the classroom Smartboard.

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